Are You Taking Care Of Your Skin?

Try our men's eyebrow grooming & men's facial care treatment in Amarillo, TX

Your facial skin takes a lot of damage. You shave it, use harsh soap and astringents and expose it to ultraviolet rays. It's important to take the time to help your skin recover from this constant barrage.

Amarillo's Major League Barbershop, LLC offers men's facial care treatments to make skin care simple. Taking care of your skin will help it stay youthful as you age.

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Look sharp with our men's eyebrow grooming service

Unless you're going for a castaway look, maintaining your facial skin and hair is a vital part of your hygiene routine. This includes men's eyebrow grooming, beard care and more. Our men's facial care treatments include:

  • Eyebrow razor shape-outs: Trimming brows with a razor | 10 minutes for $10
  • Black mask facial treatments: Purifying skin and cleaning pores | 25 minutes for $15
  • Beard line work: Shaping and outlining the beard with a clipper | 15 minutes for $10

Look your best every day by scheduling a men's eyebrow grooming appointment today. Call our Amarillo, TX shop now to talk to a barber about your facial care routine.